Tub of Tabasco, the video of the trick of the song

Get ready internets, this friday is the release of Beefy’s new album “Tube Technology”.

I actually have a lot of credits on this album, providing beats for 5 of the tracks; Tub of Tabasco, Feel So Good, Webcomic Junkie, The Legend of Jones McFly, and The Sound. Actually I sing and rap on The Sound, as well as handle production and jaw harp solos.

When I first started chatting with Beefy, we worked on a song called Tub of Tabasco. I did the beat, and he wrote some keen-o lyrics about some dirty hot sauce lovin’. That was released on Rhyme Torrents Volume 1. After that I did a remix of the track, and started working on the nerdcore megamix, which will have Beefy’s original verses as well as me (Drown Radio), MC Router, ytcracker and others.

The video I’ve attached is sort of a leak of my verse from this megamix. The trick was created around the time Beefy and I first started working on T.O.T., so I named the trick after that song.

Hipster, please! has put up a review of Tube Tech, but the only copies available are for those folks that were lucky enough to attend his most recent Seattle show last weekend.

The rest of us will just have to wait ’till the album’s release this Saturday. It’s a free download from Beefy’s site.






2 responses to “Tub of Tabasco, the video of the trick of the song

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    great tick and song. we need more doc pop videos!

  2. drew tetz Avatar
    drew tetz

    doc, you are so hip it’s inspirational.

    seriously, though. i only check your blog once a month or something like that but every time i do i want to do like fifty new projects. i always wanted to put belt loops on a hat, but i guess you beat me to that. i’m kind of glad, though, ’cause i can see it and think “oh! how fresh!” without taking the time to do it myself.

    oh yeah, and nice trick, too. word to yours.

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