Doc Pop interview with One Minute News and others

“This is enough for me to have future shock: there is a group of programmer-geek-types who are rapping…about geek things.

Even podcasting and videoblogging.

They have formed a community on the Internet called NerdCore, and I learned at CES they have groupies.รƒโ€š A lot of them!รƒโ€š Nerds around the world, join the movement!รƒโ€š And Doctor Popular is their fearless leader and a super cool guy.

We had to do this interview in the bathroom of a CES party because the party was, well, raging with NerdCore-ites and their female fans…:) And a big thank you to the fantabulous Bill Streeter for some truly excellent shooting of this video.”

“We recently found ourselves in Las Vegas for the ginormous annual Consumer Electronics Show. Spanning several massive floors in several massive buildings, this is the event for all things gadgets, geek and just plain wtf? You’ve already heard about the 100″+ HD plasma displays, the Blu-Ray disc players, the portable 1TB disk drives. So rather than waste your time rehashing all that, we thought we’d have Irina take you on a tour of some of the more obscure finds at CES.”

Here is a clip of Karl at Podtech’s BlogHaus. This was perhaps his best performance of the entire trip too.

yT Cracker’s set from BlogHaus. Btw, yT was a dope dude. He was one of the very few people that introduced themselves and said hi. Plus, his performance at DivX was really dope.






2 responses to “Doc Pop interview with One Minute News and others

  1. Monzy Avatar

    Wow, that was the best interview about nerdcore hiphop in a bathroom that I’ve ever heard.

  2. Z. Avatar

    Who knew footage of Doc and a chic in the bathroom would be so… family freindly? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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