Drown Radio’s first hip hop show ever and a podcast

Two big things happen this Tuesday in Drown Radio land. The newest episode of Drown Pirate Radio goes live live live, and I’ll be performing my first hip hop show ever at The Beauty Bar in Las Vegas. Shows on the detail are here and press release is here.

You can listen to past episodes of Drown Pirate Radio here, or click the banner.

Also, I’ll be posting a new Rad Hair Day on tuesday to this site.






2 responses to “Drown Radio’s first hip hop show ever and a podcast

  1. John Avatar

    Nice. Will you be able to get onto the CES show floor? (is it easy or difficult to do so?)

  2. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    I’m not sure, you can always make up a newspaper name and say you are a reporter I guess.
    But I’ve never gone to CES before. I’m assuming it’s like Toy Fair, if so, then you CAN sneak in, but it’s not just a matter of walking through the door.

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