Geeks Gambling

3 Stanford mathematicians and 1 community college drop out discuss odds at a all you can eat buffet in the Rio Hotel (Las Vegas).

Monzy plays the perfect sqaures while Doc sticks to numbers divideable by eleven.

Given the odds, if you bet $100,000 your estimated return is $96,000.

It’s like racing in the special olympics; even if you win…

Note, the cats from Purdue were way too smart to play Keno.

Video features Monzy and his live band (John and Paul), Doctor Popular (aka Drown Radio), Theresa, Lord Illingworth, and MC Plus+.

ps, this is part 1 of “The worst podcast ever” series.






5 responses to “Geeks Gambling

  1. Z. Avatar

    That is the single most nerdcore exchange I have ever witnessed. Henceforth, when someone asks me to define the term, I will direct him to this clip.

  2. Beefy Avatar

    That was so nerdcore it hurt my brain.

  3. Glenn Avatar

    You need to learn how to count numbers. There are 4 of each number in a deck. And they use like, 2 decks at a time, shuffling the numbers. I read about this somewhere.

  4. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    I had bad role models as a kid.
    I idolized Rain Man for some reason… I just thought he was cooler than Tom Cruise.
    It’s kind of fucked me up to be honest, I tend to have romanticized autism.
    I had this idea that if I mumbled a lot about numbers and memorized old comedy routines, dames would throw themselves into my arms on elevator rides.
    Like, by not talking to them, or caring about my appearance, they would find me so uncontrollably sexual that they would tear my clothes off… Even if Tom Cruise was waiting for them in a giant penthouse suite.
    It’s taken me a long time to realize how stupid this whole notion was.
    I can’t even count a single pack of cards anyway, much less three decks.

  5. Z. Avatar

    K-Mart sucks.

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