Rad Hair Day 02: Rollins Banned

I had a short, and kind of awkward, chat with Mr Henry Rollins.

Read Rad Hair Day 01 here





6 responses to “Rad Hair Day 02: Rollins Banned

  1. Z. Avatar

    Good stuff, Doc. And, oddly enough, not the first autobiographical comic I’ve read about Henry Rollins.

  2. […] as a one time thing. However, I did take a segment of an interview I did with Henry Rollins and turned it into a comic as part of my short lived Rad Hair Day web […]

  3. […] In 2004 Doctor Popular interviewed Harvey Pekar by phone turning their conversation into a wonderful comic which was published in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul alt weekly paper Pulse of the Twin Cities. Doc also did a comic interview with Henry Rollins. […]

  4. Christian Avatar

    Nice comics. I really love reading comics, it is very interesting and fun to read. Thanks for sharing that one.


  5. […] my extremely infrequent attempt at a webcomic series. Read #1: Name Tag here or #2: Rollins Banned here. ← Get Me Geek Pretty One Day for just $3 blog comments powered by Disqus var […]

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