Float like a butterfly, sting like a Wii.

Last week attended this “super secret don’t you dare blog about this” Wii Boxing party in a secret SOMA location. I had a good time and finally got to play the Nintendo Wii. Now, I was told not to blog about wii fight, so instead I drunk emailed people about it from the event.

Since then Laughing Squid has covered it and so has everybody else. So let me share with you Geek Entertainment’s coverage of the event here.

I won’t share the details of my drunk-mails, other than to mention that Kent from Ask A Ninja flew up from LA. He was a perfectly swell fella (and it was his b-day), but we we’re supposed to trash talk so as I gave him the final knock-out punch I yelled “Happy Birthday, bitch. That was way too wii-zy.”

As the night went on I found my head filling with disses for practically everyone in the room, including one specifically for Irina “Damn, your boobs just got boxed.”

But really I just kept regretting the dissess I could have used with Kent. Things like “Boy your are really quiet right now, you must be a really good ninja.” and “I’m not asking a ninja… I’m telling him!”