The Mathematicians

On a recent “Nerdcore” rss search, this video came up;

The Mathematicians are a north New York band, that seem to cover the grounds between indie rock, synth driven dance music, and some nerdy rappy.

The rapping in the above video is pretty hard to understand and honestly I think I’d like the whole song better if they just shut up… but damn its a good looking video.

I’d love to work on something that turned out as cool as this video or the GOSHone video (blogged below).

If you wanna hear more, this video (recorded at a San Francisco show) has a great live footage of the Mathematicians and local band (full of Anticon superstars) The Bat Rays.






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  1. John Avatar

    Great find, and lots of respect to those guys for putting that together. Thanks for posting it.

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