To: MySpace From: the Nerds

Myspace nerds unite! Myspace needs to add a “Nerdcore” music genre and you can help. Nerdcore can be any type of music (rock, hip hop, metal, etc) as long as it is made for nerds by nerds. Contact Customer Service, MySpace’s Admin (or through email at and Tom and send them the Nerdcore Genre Request letter written below. Don’t forget to blog it, email friends, and post it on your bulletins. Find anyway you can to spread the message. Together, the meek shall inherit their own genre!

Dear Myspace,

In 2000, MC Frontalot coined the term Nerdcore Hip Hop, creating the
foundation for geeks and nerds everywhere to pick up a microphone and
start rapping. In the last 7 years, Nerdcore has flourished into it’s
own distinct style of music.

2006 has been the largest year for Nerdcore yet, and with mainstream
press from Newsweek, Wired Magazine, Spin, XXL, NPR, and MSNBC, as well
as accolades from websites such as Slashdot and Boing Boing, 2007 looks
to be an even bigger year for Nerdcore.

This year will see more Nerdcore releases than ever before and
Nerdcore’s largest audience yet. Two new documentaries, Nerdcore For
Life and Nerdcore Rising will be released later this year, and have
already generated considerable buzz in both the music and film

Despite the popularity of Nerdcore music, MySpace still does not offer
it as a genre. Haven’t nerds suffered enough already?

There are Nerdcore metal bands, Nerdcore rock bands, and, obviously,
Nerdcore hip hop artists on MySpace that can not properly be searched
under the term “Nerdcore”. Given that MySpace has surprisingly specific
genres such as “Christian rap”, “Shoegazer” and “Screamo”, it is a shame
that Nerdcore has yet to be added.

Consider the following:

The top 8 videos on YouTube tagged with “Nerdcore” have generated
1,581,216 combined views.
There are currently 2,640 profiles on MySpace with “Nerdcore” in their
There are several websites, blogs, and even online channels dedicated
solely to Nerdcore.
Beefy is a virgin.
Nerdcore Rising’s profile has 1,285,674 MySpace friends.
The creation of a Nerdcore MySpace genre could be what will finally gets
Beefy laid.

Relevant links include:


In an attempt to encourage MySpace to update it’s genres, I am taking
part in a letter writing campaign. It is our goal for Nerdcore to
finally get the recognition it truly deserves.

And besides, when else will anybody ever ask you to label them as a






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