A Model Consumer

I take pride in being a good consumer.

In part that means researching places and sharing input via sites like Yelp.

But what I’m really trying to say is that I look fantastic while I’m shopping.

This last Sunday my pic ran in an article about record collectors and local record shops in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The picture was taken at Rooky’s Records in the Lower Haight.

A few weeks ago, I was in Self Edge in the Mission while the New York Times was interviewing my buddy Kiya about his store and denim trends. While I was flipping through the rack, the photographer snapped off a bunch of shots of me shopping. I have a good feeling my grubby hands may end up in one of the photos they use for the article.

Now I’m thinking about pursuing this as a profession. “Getting free press? Spend the money you save on having a ridiculously great looking shopper in your store.” From now on I will shift my focus to only appearing in newspapers as a consumer. It’s not like my music career is running any risk of getting any press soon.






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