BibiCaffe Beverage and Americone Dream

On a recent trip to Calistoga Springs, I found a new beverage called BibbiCaffe. It’s an Italian soft drink that mixes espresso and soda with vanilla and caramel. The result is this rich, sweet soda that is very refreshing. Some folks may want to compare it to Coca-Cola’s Blak soda, but the really is no comparison.

Apparently the drink has been around for 50 years.

I bought one the first night we arrived, but after one sip I decided that I wanted to buy as many as I could for my birthday party. So we went back and bought the remaining five. It turns out that the grocery store that I bought them from had just received the Bibicaffes as a test the day that I arrived. They sold out in one day, so I’m assuming the test was a success.

I’d say the folks that came to my party enjoyed the beverages too. OMG, they have fantastic recipes on their site too! Now I just need to find a local source so I can make the coffee martini. These guys have a good deal when you purchase an entire case.

I’ve also recently gotten my grubby hands on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s newest flavor; Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. It’s a fantastic vanilla ice cream with caramel swirls and chunks of chocolate dipped waffle.

Apparently, Stephen’s proceeds from this flavor will go to the Stephen Colbert Americone Dream fund. After several search attempts, I still can’t tell what exactly that means, but I did find this short interview with Ben Cohen and Colbert.

I’m pleased to say that this ice cream tastes much better than it’s poorly photoshopped packaging indicates. Seriously, it looks like Colbert has a huge ball of ice cream resting on top of his clinched fist.






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