Hella Birthday to Me

So in half an hour I turn hella thirty years old.

So this will be the last time you read the youthful writings of a wide-eyed/spry 29 year old. 23 minutes from now this will become the online hub of a more mature and wise Doctor Popular.

Astute readers may recall mention of a short film that I have been working on for 2 and a half years called “Want A Date?”. The movie has has been “nearly complete” for most of that time, in fact I’ve actually even had it all done except for the credits and lost everything due to an iMovie crash. All the saved info and work was completely gone. That destroyed any plans of editing the film myself.

So last week I finally found the help I needed to finish the editing on the film. My friend Tanya has stepped up and worked her butt off to get the film edited in time to debut at my hella birthday party tomorrow night.

In five days I’ll be flying up to Seattle to kick off the Mediocre Tour. I’ll meet up with Router and Beefy and we’ll hit most of the west coast with our “unique brand of nerdcore hip-hop”.

I’m on the verge of completing a few other projects but I don’t wanna talk about them yet.

Despite the few things that are happening, I have to admit I’ve been pretty low for the last few weeks. After having a huge productive period for about a year, I’m going to have to get a day job again sometime soon. To me this means the end of any spare time I would have to create with. So I haven’t been feeling too well, in fact I’ve caught myself wallowing in self pity way too often while playing video games and drinking (Halo 2, Gunmetal, Ku Soju, Effin Vodka).

Yeah, so happy hella thirtieth birthday to me. I’m looking forward to the party. Shan is making some of my favorites, including wasabi-gaucamole and Hav’A Corn chips.