tour wallets

In my previous blog I mentioned that I spent an entire evening (on the edge of the tour) making merch to sell at the shows. I decided to make more wallets out blue jeans to sell because that seems to be what people digging right now.

So I made 8 wallets, each one slightly different, and lined them with old neck ties or upholstery fabric. I have to say they look cool, and people are buying them. One guy bought one at our first show in Seattle, then came up to me at our Portland show and pulled it out and paid for a comic book of mine… Selling shit is okay, but seeing people actually use (listen to, read, etc) something that you have made by hand is always a great feeling.

So we finally found out who we are playing with in Chico. The show will be with this local smooth talking rapper named, and I shit you not, Doctor Proper!

Or Doc Prop for short apparently.

Since our SF show was cancelled, we have been told that lots of Bay Area folks will travel to Chico. I hope so, I’d love to see lots of familiar faces.

It’s always nice to see lots of friend requests on myspace, especially non-spam ones. Well today I opened up my Drown Radio account and had 18 legit requests… 13 of them were from Portland! I guess that means that I’m not the only person that liked our show. I didn’t mention this before, one thing I really liked was that I was starting from zero. Most of the folks at the show knew Beefy and Router, but I only knew one or two people before the show. The crowd is always friendlier if they’ve heard your stuff before, but by the end of the show I felt like they enjoyed my shit just as much as the rest of the eemcees.

We got our band pictures from Ryan in Seattle today and they look fantastic.






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