Alternative Press Expo part I

Today was the first day of APE. The San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy had a couple tables again this year with new and old comics from Meredith, Kraig, Jeff-Jeff, and myself.

In preparation for the event, several cartoonists partook in a 12 hour comic jam last sunday at Mission Creek Cafe. Some folks took the chance to create new comics… That was my plan too, but I spent the entire time shading and lettering pages that I had previously worked on.

Then I spent most of Thursday and Friday at Fast Image Printing in Oakland printing and assembling my newest mini comic “The Flatjack Incident”. Meredith brought a gocco with her on Friday for me to use and I love it. Gocco is a easy to use home silkscreening kit that was produced in Japan for a while but is now discontinued. I NEED ONE! I didn’t want to waist all the ink that Mere-Bear poured onto the screen so after I silkscreened all the inserts for my book, I started screening anything else I could find.

The convention is going well, I’m selling shit, so are Meredith and Kraig. Kraig’s new comic book is an excerpt from the upcoming Robot Friend anthology that I’m hoping to have published in the fall. Met tons of new folks and hopefully will be seeing many of them at our next Cartoonist Conspiracy meeting.

Check out part II of APE HERE.






2 responses to “Alternative Press Expo part I

  1. Great White Snark Avatar
    Great White Snark

    Wow, sweet behind-the-scenes photo action. I live down the street from Mission Creek Cafe, so I feel like I’m practically part of the action. (Don’t look at me like that.) Today was my first APE… dropped a lot more money than intended, but can see how it’s difficult for the individual artists to move a lot of work/books. Anyway, I’ve got a write-up and pics of today over on my blog if you’re interested. Cheers!

  2. Drew Avatar

    robot friend anthology? THE robot friend? i hope so!

    gocco looks amazing.

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