Cafe Du Nerd

Sunday night (the 22nd) was a big nerd night here in San Francisco. MC Frontalot, the godfather of nerdcore took the stage at Cafe Du Nord with Optimus Rhyme and MC Lars.

I headed over to the show straight from the Alternative Press Expo (nerd cred!) and saw the already big line an hour before the doors were to open. The show was sold out but luckily I was on the performer list, so I didn’t miss out and Front hooked Shan up with a guest list spot.

Cafe Du Nord opened the doors half an hour late, but started the show on time. So as Shan and I were waiting in line we could hear the opening band, K.Flay, playing there set. WTF do clubs do this? Can’t they just open doors on time and let us wait inside buying drinks instead of outside and cold? Whisky A Go Go does this same bullshit.

Then Optimus Rhyme took the stage. The crowd seemed to know a few of their songs, which always makes things fun. I got to meet several folks during this set. I guess MC Frontalot did a song with O.R., but I missed it.

Finally bumped into DJ Snyder who despite the volume of the music maintained “normal person volume”. I was pretty psyched to meet him, but everytime I’d try to crouch up closer to listen, he’d take a step away. I believe our entire brief conversation ended 4 feet further than where it started. Maybe I’ll get to talk to him sometime when we aren’t in a club.

Lars was next and he had half of Front’s band on stage with him. In the line outside I got the impression that most of the crowd was there to see MC Lars, but they seemed happy to see most artists. The songs I remember Lars doing are Mr. Raven, iGeneration, Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock, White Kids Aren’t Hyphy and a Time Travel Song.

Frontalot was the headlining act, and he started off with mostly classic tracks and such. About 4 songs in, he started into a role playing campaign in which he led the crowd through an adventure. He rolled for what songs he would play, adding saves for certain rolls. It was a neat concept, but it sort of sucked when he would tease you with a song he wasn’t going to play (i.e.- he set up Pr0n S0ng, but played a different song instead). Other than the getting hopes up, the dm-ing thing was a cool idea. During this part of the set he played more of his newer tracks, including I Hate Your Blog (with Lars on the mic) and Origin of the Species.

For the last song of his set, Frontalot pulled up Wheelie Cyberman (from Optimus Rhyme), MC Lars, and myself up on stage for Nerdcore Rising. I got to tackle the second verse of the song with my “Wiki-wikipedia line” from my rhymetorrents nerdcore posse verse. Fun fact, I wrote that verse originally to do with Front the last time he was in town performing at the Edinburgh Castle show (sometime last year), but just barely made it onstage in time to try it that time. So this time I got to redeem myself. I don’t have any idea how it sounded, but I know I looked bad ass on stage doing it.

There was supposed to be hang out time after the show, but I had spent all weekend working a comic con, and the whole week before preparing for the con, so I just wanted to go home.






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