Enchilosa: Mexican Ramen

Here is something that I had never seen before, it’s a mexican style ramen noodle called Enchilosa.

On the left is a shrimp flavor and on the right is lime. Both are spicy and have corn chunks in them, but are otherwise very traditional “cheap” ramen soups. I think they were $.60 each. The shrimp one has a couple of dried brine shrimp in it, I tried on and hated it.

As a series of errors at the bank have left without access to my funds since the 3rd of this month, I have been devouring plenty of ramen. So I wholeheartedly approve and enjoy any new flavors to my diet.

Of course, as with all ramen dishes, I like to try to add a little character (and maybe even some nutrients) into my ramen by adding things like eggs or hot sauce. If you’ve never added egg to your instant ramen dish, I’d highly recommend it. It compliments the flavors well.






4 responses to “Enchilosa: Mexican Ramen

  1. woody Avatar

    that chili powder tasting cup ramen also has chicken flavor. That is, at least the way it’s marked. 4 for .99 . Such a deal.

  2. Greg Avatar

    The beef and chicken flavor Enchilosa are great! I’ve never tried the shrimp and will likely pass. I love spicy food and this stuff rocks! The flavor is excellent despite being quite hot.

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