Mor Def

It was the first day of The Mediocre Tour and we were chilling out in the lobby of a hospital somewhere in Oregon. Within a few hours of landing in Portland, Router’s ear infection had gotten so bad that she need ed to have it checked out. After a few hours of waiting around, Router came back out and told us what was happening.

“I have a bad ear infection.” She said, “The doctor says I could have gone permanently deaf in one ear.”

“Well, I’m glad that didn’t happen,” I replied “because then you’d have terrible deaf perception.”

“That would be terrible.” She complained, apparently oblivious to the grade a pun I had just laid down, “I wouldn’t be able to make music anymore.”

“Sure you could, just change your name to Mor Def.”

Again she didn’t crack a smile… I probably was just talking into her bad ear.