Scrap life #5: Selvage Wallets

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Scrap Life project, so I thought it was about time I shared a new one. The Scrap Life projects first started when I took some of the scrap leftover from my Love Life bag and made a wallet out of it, and this project is somewhat similar.

I don’t have a lot of Love Life scrap left, so I also used pieces of scrap from high end selvage denim that had been tailored.

The design is based on a wallet that [redacted] made and gave to me a few years ago. I simplified it a little, but the basic idea of a wallet that folds into itself as show in the pictures was his. When working with the denim I wanted to make sure that the selvage line would be worked into the design.

I had mentioned these denim wallets before, but I’ve been making some really swell ones lately. Check out this one I made from scraps of leather and Samurai Jeans.

I was really surprised at how easy it was to work with leather. It was the perfect size piece, I didn’t even need a special needle, just the same one I’ve been using on denim. My next goal is to learn how to create a tool to brand my logo onto the leather.

Fuckin’ beautiful, aint it? The wallet design itself is largely based on simplicity. The wallets are stripped down to their barest necessity and that helps keep them really thin and comfortable.

The denim is high quality raw denim, as it breaks in it becomes form to fit. Check this out, as the wallet breaks in it gets easier to use and softer and thinner. Closing the lip when tucking in the edge of the wallet can be tough at first, but as it gets used it really breaks in nicely.

Here are some pics of more wallets I made. For these I used bits of mens neckties, upholstry sample swatches, and even some that are all denim. Notice that some of them have selvage lines on the the lip and also have a line at the card holder.





2 responses to “Scrap life #5: Selvage Wallets

  1. Dave Avatar

    Sweet! I love your stuff doc! Man… I gotta send you some stuff some of these days.

    I saw this and thought of you. Maybe you’ll like it too-

  2. sonny Avatar

    those look beautiful. i’d love to score one from you.

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