the flatjack incident, roughs

I’ve been working on a new comic that might or might not be finished in time for the Alternative Press Expo later this month.

A while ago I posted about a 24 hour comic I had started (you can read about it here). I didn’t finish the book that day, in fact I only finished 13 pages (half of my goal), but they were some of the best pages I felt I had ever done, so I decided to continue the story and take as much time as I needed.

The book is filled with several true ministories, each done in a very different style. Right before the tour started, I wrote a three page story called “The Flatjack Incident” about a time I ordered food from a Denny’s in Seattle. I wanted to share my pencils with you guys because I feel they are really lush. So if I fuck them up when I ink them, we can all look back and say that at one point they didn’t suck.

I’m trying to come up with a name for the book btw.






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