The New Birthday Hat

I don’t know who in our group was the first to start refering to birthdays as “Vagina Hat Anniversary Days”, but I want to thank them. The term, which gives such an unshakable image, would be said something like “Just think, 30 years ago, you were wearing a vagina hat.”

It seems only natural to bring the phrase to life by making an actual Vagina Hat Birthday Hat.

This is my mock up version of the Vagina Hat. I hope to have a IRL model in the fall.

Probably gonna have to use felt.

The biggest problem in making a Vagina Hat is that nothing I design, is going to be as haunting an image as someone may come up with in their own head when they hear the phrase.






2 responses to “The New Birthday Hat

  1. qDot Avatar

    That is fucking beautiful.

  2. CristianStar Avatar

    There is nothing wrong with that, but today you could encounter some serious legal problems. Women might feel offended by that and sue you for something such as gender discrimination:):) I would include that hat in your birthday party supplies if you plan on throwing a party at the place you work.

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