Will work for selvage

While most folks spent Sunday evening squatting upon colorful easter eggs (that’s what people do, right?) I was hunched over a sewing machine hella tailoring pants at Self Edge’s first ever “Denim Shorts Party & Competition“.

It started at around 4:30pm. I set up my machine on an old oak office desk and started cutting up the first pair. They belonged to someone who couldn’t make it that night (again I’m going to assume that if you wheren’t at the party, then you where attempting to hatch rabbit eggs) so he left a pair of really worn in high quality denim pants for me to short-ify. Hemming is a new skill, one that I had barely any experience before last week, so each pair was a learning experience. But since these pants were worn in so nicely, they turned out to be a terrific pair to start on. We cut off about 3 feet of material on each leg. That’s a shitload of selvage material.

The jeans turned out great, I did a straight stitch on the bottom, then added a parallel decorative stitch about 1/4” above it. At this point people started to line up with jeans for me to butcher. I would say that the theme of the evening was a cross between decadence and gaudiness. Basically it was a “who has the balls to cut their nice jeans so short that we can literally see them”.

Pictures have been posted here!

Of the 4 winners, I had hemmed the top two. The first place pair were not expensive jeans, but they were hemmed insanely short. So short in fact that we made a matching loin clothe for them. But the shorts owner actually took it one step further by actually shaving his legs as I was hemming his jeans.

Next time we do a shorts party I’d like to see 4 total sewers and separate prizes for best shorts and best tailoring. That way we’d have an incentive to get more creative with our sewing.

The contest wrapped up around 10pm, that’s 5 hours of sewing! For what? For massive money? Fame? Free SEXIH jeans? Nope… basically Kiya is a pal and if it wasn’t for him I probably definitely wouldn’t live in SF. So I hooked him up with hard labor and he gave me access to all the scrap. Of course that means hella selvage wallets!






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