Emo Whale

I’ve been trying to put together an online portfolio of my pen and ink art.

Emo Whale is an older piece that I just colored last night. I definitely think my photoshopping skills need some major work though.

Emo Whale

Last Thursday was a Cartoonist Conspiracy meeting here in the Bay… I wish I had pictures. We started a new book titled simply “Robots Versus Bunnies”. We came up with a page by page plot breakdown, but each artist only creates a single panel per page.

I spent all night working on one large panel, the introduction of the pillaging robot on the utopian rabbit society. Man I wish I had a scan of it to show you guys. Hopefully, we’ll finish the comic at our next meeting. Speaking of, our Cartoonist Conspiracy table has been approved for Maker Faire, but now I’m looking for volunteers to run it. Anybody interested in helping out, let me know.







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