It’s a death match… a match to the death

Last week, MC Slutsky (“Irina” to her close cadre of friends) asked me to help her and the Vloggies Show create a new song to enter into the music video challenge. This video our result. Irina spends her time as a professional video blogger, not a rapper, but it’s fun to work on music projects together. After working on Boobs In A Box with Irina, I didn’t want our next track to be another parody video.

Slutsky’s Deathmatch video is way better than Boobs In A Box, despite the fact that we did it in the same amount of time. I love the high contrast colors, and unique scenes, but I think the music is pretty fucking tight too (if I do say so myself).

Speaking of, you can grab the mp3 here, but it’s missing Ask A Ninja’s voice though.

After you check it out, you can go see the other videos and vote here. I totally suggest seeing The Clipshow‘s, The Burg‘s and Nathan Miller‘s videos.

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