It’s just not Faire

When I arrived back from my trip to Minneapolis, I discovered that the drivers side hinge on my laptop has snapped off from my screen. There are a bunch of wires inside the hinge, that are now very unprotected. Sometimes if my screen gets bumped, it turns into a rainbow barcode… So I’m treating my compy like a desktop for the time being, until I can afford a new one.

As soon as I hit SFO, I started getting calls from Slutsky about our Vlog Death Match video. The music is finished (including our vox), so we spent all day yesterday lip synching and shooting. At one point I was actually in Twitter‘s offices rapping with all these web celebs in the back ground. They gave me this really nerdy shirt that says “wearing my twitter shirt”. We did a lot of filming in South Park, right at the epicenter of the late nineties dot com bust. South Park is again flickering with the screens of dot commers. It’s all about 2.0 this time ’round though.

The video should be online tomorrow I’ll link it up on my site.

Now with the completion of the music video and my ebay auctions almost all taken care of, I can start focusing on my Maker Faire projects. I have 3 proposalls that I am currently waiting to get approved. Two are yo-yo related, the other is Cartoonist Conspiracy related.

Last night I received an email from TradeMark of the Evolution Control Committee, regarding the Cassette Jockey World Championships. This would also be at the Maker Faire. I’m really excited about this!

So with the demise of my laptop, I am desperately trying to raise about 1,000 dollars for a new one. Last week I sold about $1,100 of yo-yos on eBay, so tomorrow I will start documenting and selling the things that I didn’t want to sell last week. Between yo-yos and music, the choice is very easy… but it’s still going to break my heart to see some of these yo-yos go.

I’m also considering a job from The Go Game. It’s an extremely hectic job that involves at least 10 days of travel a month. Needless to say, Shannon is not for it, but I really miss travelling and would like to think that I can use the time to work on my book and my new Drown Radio album (due in the fall). Lord knows I’ve done some of my absolute best work on airplanes and trains (mostly the former). Soon my computer will implode, leaving nothing but pixels and dust.

I feel so completely stressed all the time, but that’s just the way I am, I guess.

I also recieved an email from a TV producer about doing an recurring role on a DirectTV channel. It sounds like fun, but at this point I have to be picky about what I can work on at the moment. If there is no pay involved then it’s just not doable. The new web 2.0 business model doesn’t mean only the producers get paid and all the people with drive will just work for free. Fuck that.






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