My First Mojito

Made my first mojito before last week’s YoYoWiki Podcast with Josh, and it was damn good.

Now, I’m sure a lot of ya’ll are seeing the vlog death match pic in the background and saying, “Wow, this all must be a desperate ploy from Doc to get us to all vote.”

Well, I assure that is not the case at all.

I used a Brazilian white rum called Leblon, along with fresh mint, strawberries, and lime from Casa Gaudalupe down the street. I got a lot of fruit for just over $3. Also threw in a dash of soda water. Any good tips or tricks I should use for my next one?






One response to “My First Mojito

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    LOL Yes don’t use Leblon…Try a good rum like Montecristo, Flor de Cana, or even Myers Dark would make a better Mojito!

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