Dreams of injured limbs

I forgot to mention that the entire week before that gig at the Moscone Center last week, I was troubled with nightmares.

I guess because of where I am financially, this gig was pretty important to me, but I really wasn’t that worried about it. At least not while I was awake.

Each night I had a dream about something terrible happening from my hand. Most of the dreams where different, but a few times I had a dream that I was getting mugged, so I fought back, landing a couple of good punches before being overwhelm by my muggers and getting the shit kicked out of me. In the fight, I broke my hand. In none of my dreams did I ever think “Man, I can’t do that show now.” but as soon as I woke up I would panic before realizing that my hand was okay.

Let’s see, during the week my right hand was crushed in a fight, smashed by a car door, broken in a fight, and mangled in an escolator.