City Museum Mascots

The original characters I pitched to the City Museum

While recently blogging about the City Museum, the coolest/most dangerous place in the midwest, I realized that they were missing something. They have plenty of holes, rebar tubes, hulking devices and 3 story tall slides, but what they are missing are some mascots. Faces to slap on stickers or shirts, people in giant foam costumes, something to animate, this is what I want to see at a theme park, so I got to work on a few designs.

Meet Snaps, Johnny, and Finn. The Father/Spirit/Holy Ghost of St. Louis’s City Museum.

Snaps is the epitome of cool. With his hot shades and hella fresh lingo, this foot cast is both hip and relatable to todays youth. Snaps teaches kids not to be scarred of scars or broken bones… Instead, wear your injuries with pride, announcing to the world that “I got this at the City Museum”.

Johnny is the more huggable and embraceable side of the CM mascots. In a politically correct world, where museums are full of dull models and demonstrations, Johnny helps thin skinned parents let go of their maternal fears and let their children go wild knowing that, at the end of the day, a band aid can heal all wounds.

Finnegan is the laughable missing finger that teaches kids to continue on in the face of adversity… and not to sue if they should happen to lose any appendages while enjoying a fantastic day at the worlds greatest playground.

I’ve also been thinking of some updated CM marketing slogans. I’m sure that anyone who has ever really explored the deepest bowels or climbing the peaks of wobbling rebar tubes has paused to reflect on their current situation and said “I totally shouldn’t be allowed to do this” followed usually with the thought “This is great!”. We are always finding ourselves wanting the very things we can’t have, so why not tie that in with the new slogan “The City Museum; You totally shouldn’t be allowed to do this!”.






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