Goals and trolls

Shannon and I have been working out recently. Shan’s a member of 24 Hour Fitness and, throughout June, can bring a guest for free. I’ve been wanting to buy my own membership, I can handle the $24 a month fee, but there is no way in hell I’m going to pay the $90 sign up fee PLUS a bullshit $90 processing fee. On one of our recent visits, we found out that for only $15 extra, a member can sign up to always be able bring a guest. What a deal! So we were going to start paying this month, but it turns out they extended their free guest deal throughout July.

About the closest thing I’ve ever had to a regular exercise routine would be riding my bike to and from work. I love being my own boss, but I have to admit I miss having a reason to ride for 1-2 hours a day. I’ve been self employed for about a year now, so when I checked my weight a week ago and saw that I weighed the most I ever had, I wasn’t too surprised. I measured in at 216 pounds.

That was the first day we went to the gym, the next morning I weighed in at 214. Then 211 the next, followed by 210, 209.5, 209, then for no reason a spike back up to 214. I understand that there isn’t a direct correlation between how much exercise you do, and your exact weight, but I was starting to feel good watching the weight drop steadily then shoot back up. This morning I weighed in at 211.

I guess my goal would be to get back to 180, which was my average weight throughout my 20s. I don’t have an exact plan or anything, since I’m sure I would just be disappointed with the results, but it would be nice to lose 4-5 pounds a month. With an hour of exercise a day (burning an average of 500 calories each time) this might be doable.

What other goals do I have? Hmmm… Well, I would like to release my album “2.0” this year. I already have tracks with MC Lars, MC Router, and Cerebral Vortex done recorded, but not mastered. The album will be released only on USB Drive, so I’m still trying to find the PERFECT source for that. I’ve also recently dug up my old four track. I miss doing my folky-indie stuff, and I might try to release an album of stuff culled entirely off of these old tapes. There is music ranging from 1994 to the 2003. There is some really fantastic guitar stuff on there too.

I’m also hoping to finish another 20 pages in my book (the graphic novel) by the end of the year as well as organize and attend a big 24 Hour Comics day here in SF. I’m already working with 826/McSweeneys on that.

The tailoring is going REALLY well. I’ve learned so much about this machine so far, and hemming still offers challenges but less often and easier to solve. I’ve still been working with the denim scraps, in fact I’ll be ordering labels for my clothing company today. People seem to love my raw denim coffee jackets, so I’ve been trying to tweak the design of those.

Speaking of crafts, a bunch of trolls recently found my Vacuum Tube Necklace blog and cluttered it with messages about how wasteful I was being. ‘Cause, you know, taking stuff out of the garbage and making it into something that people will want again is a horrendous crime. I don’t mind folks who don’t like the things I make (because I know that there are many more who do like it), but I hate to see these displays of self righteousness. Every little hobby has pockets of jerks like this that don’t try to offer any sort of help or information, but instead lash out at people. Its like the video store clerk in Clerks… Here is some one’s only chance to lord their superiority over someone, so they take it. It’s the same arragont nonsense I see on hip hop forums, absinthe web boards, and much to often on the yo-yo web boards.

Speaking of yoyoing, The 28 Days of Yo blogging project is all finished. I’m really pleased with it, and the web traffic was through the roof. I only missed two days (when I got my chainstitch machine) too. Now I’m hoping to record a new video in the next two months and I’m considering biking to Nationals this year… If I can get Phil in on it too.