I love labels

Here is one label I don’t mind being thrown around. It’s my Doc Pop red tab craft label. The fine print says “remade in USA” on one side and “docpopcrafts.org” on the other.

I think these labels look great with the denim. San Franciscans can see them in greater detail at Stylerecycled House Party (25th & Guerrero Streets) on Sunday July 22nd from 10-4pm.






5 responses to “I love labels

  1. John in Columbus Avatar
    John in Columbus

    Awesome. 🙂

    Where’s the website then??

  2. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    For now, http://docpop.blogspot.com/ takes you to this site (my blog).

    But soon it will take you to my Etsty site… or something.

  3. annie*boomer Avatar

    Hey Doc! Long time no wahtever!

    Where do you get fab-u labels like these. Fab-u, I tell you! Fab-u!!!!



  4. doc Avatar

    Hey Annie, good to hear from you. I was just thinking about you the other day, I found a few more shirts and I’m posting them up on etsy soon.

    I used http://cruzlabel.com/ for my labels. Katy there was really helpful, she suggested the 50 denier damask that I decided to use.

    The hard thing about finding labels is dealing with the shipping. I was nearly finished placing an order with another company (1000 labels for $225) when I found out the shipping cost was $300!


    You should send me your address, I have a new comic or two. Do you have a copy of my ideas comic?

  5. boston moving help Avatar

    Those items are so cute. I want to have one! Hope they'll also sell those items near us.

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