kaw-fee koh-zee

I did a trunk show yesterday called “Mission Indie Mart”. I had wallets, cozies, and comics for sale and actually did pretty well. Something interesting happened though, I heard someone refer to a coffee cozy as a “kah-see” instead of a “koh-zee“.

About, half an hour later somebody else said it that way too, adding that it was the correct pronunciation. At the end of the day I had noticed 3 people saying “kah-ze”, but I found most people that stopped at the table used the “oh” sound.

Then, today I heard someone else use it at Self Edge.

Enough is enough. Look it up. According to Websters-Merriam, and Dictionary.com it is pronounced “koh-zee” (even when the alternate spelling with an “s” is used). Now I’m not saying that “k?’z?” isn’t acceptable, it is mentioned as an alternate pronunciation on Dictionary.com, but don’t try telling me it’s the “correct” way to say cozy.






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  1. Josh Avatar

    MW is not an authority on proper pronounciation. To really get to the bottom of this you should use an oxford.

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