Nerdcore For Life (w/ photo proof)

My first skating injury.

Tried dropping in on my first half pipe and did this. The ramp was covered with sheet metal and hella slippery.

Pretty much ruined my skating career.

10 years later, I got the urge again, so I bought some new inline skates and successfully dropped in to a 8 foot bowl.

… but, since it was my first day skating in a decade, I hadn’t redeveloped my skating muscles yet and, I swear to you, I got stuck in the bottom of the bowl and had to be pulled out. A 25 year old, overweight inline skater at a minneapolis skate park… being literally pulled out of a bowl by three 16 year olds.






One response to “Nerdcore For Life (w/ photo proof)

  1. Josh Avatar

    With the fake pump pumas. I love it.

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