Weight for it

I mentioned before that I have started trying to lose weight. Well, for a while it seemed that delving below 209 pounds seemed challenging (every time I would come close, my weight would shoot back up to 212 overnight and it would take 3 days to get it back down) but I have finally conquered 209. My average weight now seems to be 206 (with peaks of 208 and the lowest I’ve seen at 204.5).

So I imagine I’ll stick at this weight for a while then see another average drop to around 200 maybe.

So, that’s 10 pounds lost, without too much work really. We were going to the gym every single day, where as now we go two times a week, but I am walking all the time now. Dropping off jeans at Self Edge, or walking to Embarcedaro to get my sellers permit, etc. I’m also eating salads more now, which is really challenging… Most salads seemed designed for two people and cost $10. That sucks for someone who wants to get a nice salad by themselves over lunch.

One thing that I’ve noticed is how much drinking affects weight. I mean I knew about it before, but jesus, I can totally see it now.






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