Charlie’s Mustang

Have you ever looked at a car and said.. “Man that is one nerdy automobile… I totally need it!”

For me, the Mustang II has always been one of those cars.

Often considered the black sheep of the Mustang family, The Mustang II was much smaller than it’s 70’s muscle car predecessor. It was a mediocre performer at best, especially to a Mustang nut like me. I’ve had 4 Mustangs, including a ’66 vinyl top and a ’69 Mach 1.

With the Mustang II, Ford was trying to get back to what they saw as the “roots” of the Mustang series. As the years progressed, Mustangs were becoming more and more of a Mutant muscle car, but why they decided to make such a tiny underpowered car and call it a Mustang is beyond me.

I remember the first time I saw a tricked out Mustang II while I was visiting my grandmother in Delavan, WI. It was bright red, with flames painted on it. Huge rear wheels, and tiny spoked front wheels that looked like they came off of a Model A. The exhaust pipes protruded out the sides of the car and curved upward against the rear.

It looked ridiculous… like a tricked out Pinto… and I thought it was sooo cool.

Anyways, last week I was in San Carlos when I saw this beautiful red Mustang II on the street. An hour later, in a weird twist of fate, I met the owner of the car. He said it was the actual car used in the 70’s TV show Charlie’s Angels!