Dear Hotmail

Dear Hotmail,

Why does my Hotmail window always give me the page loading symbol?
Is it supposed to be constantly checking for new mail like my gmail account does? If so, why doesn’t it automatically load the new email.
Why doesn’t it allow me to mark messages from friends as “safe”? Instead, it tells me I have too many contacts, and I’ll have to delete any to be able to add more. Why does it give me a message saying I can only have up to 250 contacts, when I actually have less than 100?
Why did you change the “Mark as Spam” button in the junk folder to a “Report Phishing Scam”? What’s the difference?

Thanks in advance,
Doc Pop






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  1. Josh Avatar

    I love this. I’ve asked all these questions before of my hotmail account. Let us know if they get back to you.

  2. doc Avatar

    from Windows support:
    1. Please be advised that Windows Live Hotmail automatically checks for new e-mail messages within seconds after intended e-mail has been sent. The incident you might have experienced maybe a result of general Internet speed or connectivity problems.

    Many companies and servers process an e-mail message before it is delivered, that is why e-mail messages do not always reach their destinations instantaneously. If the Internet as a whole is busy, it may take longer for messages to be delivered. All other e-mail delivery times vary depending on the other provider involved. E-mail delivery is also affected by Internet traffic between the two providers, as well as by the mail server settings of the recipient account. We continually monitor these situations to be able to keep delivery latencies to a minimum.

    2. Please be guided that clicking on “Mark as safe” will add the sender’s e-mail address to your Safe senders list. However, the list only allows 250 entries. Upon checking your account, I have verified that your Safe senders list already reached this limit that is why you are encountering the said error message.

    To manage your Safe senders list, you can follow the steps below:

    1. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Options, and then click More options.

    2. Under Junk e-mail, click Safe and Blocked senders.

    3. Click Safe senders.

    4. Review the addresses listed and remove the address you want to exclude by clicking Remove From List.

    3. This error message is the same as above. You already reached 250 contacts in your Safe senders list that is why you are now not allowed to add more. Refer to the steps above on how to manage your Safe senders list.

    4.The options you have mentioned are all part of our Sender ID function. The Sender ID Framework is a protocol created to counter e-mail domain spoofing and to provide greater protection against phishing schemes by verifying an e-mail message’s sender. It is designed to verify that each e-mail message originates from the Internet domain from which it claims to come based on the sender’s server IP address. Eliminating domain spoofing will help legitimate senders protect their domain names and reputations, and help recipients more effectively identify and filter junk e-mail and phishing scams.

    Spoofing is a malicious practice that is used to mislead e-mail recipients into reading and responding to deceptive mail. These fraudulent messages can deceive their recipients and damage the reputation of the company that is purported to have sent the message.

    Malicious individuals use spoofing to trick people into revealing personal information, such as account passwords and credit card numbers. This technique is also known as “phishing.” Deceptive e-mail messages or online advertisements are used to lure unsuspecting users to a fraudulent Web site that is a copy of a site of a trusted party, such as a bank or a reputable vendor. At such sites, users are deceived into providing personal information.

    You are valuable at Windows Live, and we look forward to providing you with consistent and effective service. We appreciate your input and involvement in our Windows Live products.


    Jeffrey N.

    Windows Live Hotmail Technical Support

  3. doc Avatar

    in reply to Windows Support:

    1. I left my window open for one full hour and the mail never updated. It gave the connecting/thinking symbol the whole time, but nothing was happening. Then I hit the refresh button and it finally updated my page to show that I had new messages that had been sitting there for most of that time. I asked my friends and their “Windows Live Hotmail” does the same thing.

    2. I took your advice and went to the junk folder to delete safe contacts from the list.

    3. My contacts is (and was) under 250, my list in the junk folder was over. When I tried to add senders to my “safe list” I assumed it was supposed to be updating my contacts list since the error message kept saying a “you have over 250 contacts, delete contacts to add this sender” type message. Perhaps that message should be written more clearly, or include a link to the folder. Again, I told my friends about my trouble and they had the same thing. After your email, I had to show them how to delete contacts from that junk sender list.

    4. I still do not understand why the button was changed from “report spam” to “report phishing scam”. What is the difference?

  4. doc Avatar

    Hello Latham,

    Thank you for writing back to Windows Live Hotmail Technical Support. My name is Julius and I have read the e-mail exchange between you and Jeffrey. You mentioned that your windows does not automatically refresh when you have new messages. You are also asking about the difference between “phishing scam” and “report spam.” I understand the importance of resolving your issues immediately.

    Regarding your issue about your windows not automatically refreshing, I regret to say that the feature is currently unavailable in Windows Live Hotmail. You need to click the “Refresh” button of your browser in order for your new messages to show up. Your feedback though will be sent to our product development team to review for possible inclusion in future versions of Windows Live Hotmail. We appreciate your interest in Windows Live Hotmail.

    Regarding your other inquiry about the difference between “phishing scam” and “report spam”, please be guided that “phishing scam” are for junk messages that asks you to give money or personal information. On the other hand, “report spam” are for simple junk and advertising messages.

    You are valuable at Windows Live Hotmail and we look forward to providing you with consistent and effective service. We appreciate your input and involvement in our Windows Live products.


    Julius E.
    Windows Live Hotmail Technical Support

  5. Teresa Moore Avatar

    Dear Hotmail’

    I sent some e-mail to phishing scam by mistake…is there anyway to retrieve this information again???

    Thanks, Teresa

  6. DocPop Avatar

    never got a response from their customer service.

  7. Sherilefleming Avatar

    i have had the same problem for months now – i have an apple mac and everything is fast except for dam hotmail – at a loss tried everything ?

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