The crew at LoveLife are my heroes. They make these fantastic messenger bags made out of re-used vinyl signs and upholstery.

I really credit LoveLife with getting me into working with scraps and apparel, check out my ScrapLife series of blog entries.

Well for half a year (or longer) I had been talk with Roxanne at LoveLife about doing a proper collabo. Something real unique. The idea of a denim bag was always the big concept, but finding denim in the US is a difficult project.

Not to mention finding high quality raw denim… or god help you if it is selvage denim you seek.

Well, after tons of searching, I found 10 yards of a 14 oz denim that I just love thanks to a suggestion from my friend Seth. Selvage denim looms aren’t as big as most common looms are these days, so the roll is about half as wide as most other fabrics. Which means half as much denim to work with unfortunately.

Last night it became official, I dropped the denim off with Roxanne and the process is started, we are doing a collabo. There is only enough material for 7 of these bags, so the first run is going to be limited. Yes I said “first run”. The fact is that I only have enough of this denim for 7 bags, however, I have since then acquired enough selvage raw denim for 16 more bags, but LoveLife have not agreed to anymore than these 7 at the moment. So I don’t know if there will ever be more than 7 made. Plus there is a difference in the denim, the first batch is a darker indigo and 14 0z denim with a black selvage line, my other roll of denim is 12 oz with a red selvage line.

I want a bumper sticker that says “my other roll of denim is also selvage”.

The bags are expected to be released in time for Nationals (the first weekend of October in Chico, CA) and I might try to have a release party in SF when they come out. They will be chock full of little details such as a an outer coin pocket (for cell phones), a padded strap that shows of the selvage line, an inner butt pocket, a chainstitched cuff on the inside of the bag, and a beautiful leather “LoveLove/DOC POP” label on the outside.






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  1. yoyo.bono Avatar

    messenger bag.

    do you think that there is any chance one of those bags will make its way to a german yoyo enthusiast?

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