It’s like a holiday in the Bay

Damn I love the entire week of Burning Man! It’s the best time to live in San Francisco. Street traffic is down and lines are much shorter. Today I took advantage of the situation and went to Tartine Bakery, one of the few bakeries we have in the Mission. It didn’t go to well. As far as I can tell, the folks in this neighborhood just like to wait in lines.

Well, I’ve got 6 more days of exploring to do before the lines return. I wrote about this last year in a post called “A Day Without A Barista“.






3 responses to “It’s like a holiday in the Bay

  1. Brian Kolm Avatar

    The line might represent how good it is. If there was no line folks might think to go some where else.

    Hey doc have you tried the french frys at I had some after the 826 event (they opened just down the street) and they are fantastic. Crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. Wow.

  2. Amy Avatar

    711 reviews?! You people are crazy.

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