Modern Times/Miranda July

Yesterday was swell. I had table space at Crafticon, a trunk show at Modern Times Bookstore, where I sold a few wallets and yo-yos. It was Modern Time’s first craft fair, and I think it went okay. The hours listed were a bit long; set up at 10, tear down at 8, and some more advertising would have been cool, but they had a cool Crafticon logo over the door and the vendors out doors drew attention to the fair. I didn’t make a killing, but I had some great conversations throughout the day and sold enough to pay for the table.

The last time I was at Modern Times Bookstore was for Miranda July’s book-reading a few months ago. The place was way over-capacity and the crowd spilled into the street. The reading was great, but the crowd size was terrifying. I’ve been a fan of Miranda’s for a very long time, but I really just wanted to get out of that packed place. In fact I started getting dizzy and sweaty, but it was so packed I couldn’t even get out.

In other Miranda news, the first issue of The Thing has shipped. The Thing is a subscription based mail-art project that comes out four times a year. Each Thing is created by a different artist. The wrapping party for the first The Thing installment was at Southern Exposure gallery last week. It featured an object crafted by Miranda July that I took some pictures of. It appears to be a window shade that says “If this shade is down I’m not who you think I am.”






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