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Paul got his absinthe back

In December I was at an absinthe party at the Climate Theater that got raided. Shan brought her aunt and uncle, and the whole thing happened right as we were ordering our drinks. Awkward.

Paul, the promoter, kept the details of the raid quiet until his court date. It turned out that the case was dropped, which means that all of Paul’s confiscated absinthe should be returned and according to Paul’s myspace blog it finally has. The blog is a very good read, especially since it concerns the legality of absinthe ownership. From Paul’s blog:

“I want to be clear about why I am posting this. Since I first became interested in absinth I have searched for answers about the legal status of absinth. Answers are few and far between. The few answers that do exist are nebulous and often misleading. I am posting this story online so that interested parties can have a firsthand accounting of my interaction with the legal system in the hopes that it will answer some questions for fellow absinth lovers and to avoid having to answer the same questions over and over again at parties.”







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  1. […] thus all charges were dropped without setting any legal precedence and all of Paul’s liquor was returned to him (see the photo […]

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