Risky Busine$$, $elvage Holster

Anti-Yo will soon be releasing their newest yo-yo, and they have asked me to design and manufacture the bags for it.

The “Risky Busine$$” should start shipping this week. It is an updated version of “The Busine$$” that is made from X (wherein X represents some ungodly expensive rare metal that I can’t recall the name of).

The yo-yo holsters are of course made from raw denim with a red and white selvage line. To match the selvage, I used red thread and white buttons. I actually learned how to make button holes just for this project, and Shan was really cool and hand stitched the buttons on to help save time. These holsters use a nickel plated “scissor snap”, the same as you would find on a high quality wallet chain.







7 responses to “Risky Busine$$, $elvage Holster

  1. Brian Kolm Avatar

    Very cool Doc. You seem really busy with the sewing project of late.

  2. doc Avatar

    Yeah, I have been.

    I’ve decided to focus on it for a while.

  3. Luke V Avatar

    So is that a Risky Busine$$ in the holster there, or just a normal Busine$$? Just wondering if it will be in different colors or not…

    Those holsters look nice BTW, nice job!

  4. doc Avatar

    Hey Luke!

    That’s just a plain old Busine$$. They won’t even let me see the Risky Busine$$.

    BTW, I think the speculation on the Risky Busine$$ may be getting out of hand… I don’t think the yo-yo is going to retail for $400 dollars. I don’t know how much it WILL sell for, but I’m guessing less than half of that.

  5. Nick Corea Avatar
    Nick Corea

    Kiya told me it was Imodium (AD)… supposed to make it feel more solid… or something…

    Or was it Carpe-Diem… so people buy it right away…

    I don’t know exactly… but knowing Anti-Yo it will look really cool!

    Nice bags, BTW


  6. Gary Avatar

    Like the cases Doc, but what happened to it shipping? i def. love my Business, and I’m looking forward to this.

  7. doc Avatar

    I’m not sure, but I think YoYoNation.com either has them or already sold out.

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