Denim garter belt and the wedding

Kiya and Demitra’s wedding was a blast and I did my best to live blog the event as it happened with my iPhone camera. You can see the wedding flickr set here.

As an extra treat, here are some pics of the denim garter belt that I made for Demitra. She wanted to surprise Kiya, so I didn’t post them before. The garter belt is made from a pair of selvage denim jeans that we cut up at the Self Edge shorts party. Coincidentally, this very piece of denim was the first thing I used to test out the chain stitch machine the day we brought it home.

The clasping mechanism is really simple, but a little difficult to describe in text. I added a hook to one end of the fabric that hooks into the stitches between the two pieces of denim (they are chain stitched together).