I got third

It was weird, I worked on my 1A routine throughout the week and decided to enter the open division at the last minute. I did a pretty good 1A one minute freestyle, then improvised a freehand 3 minute routine. When it came time to do my three minute 1A freestyle I was really excited, but I fucked up bad. I hardly landed anything. I was really disappointed because my 1A three minute freestyle was the only thing I wanted to do well, and I flopped. I really believe I actually scored higher in my one minute freestyle than in my three minute freestyle. Photo from Michelle’s Cal State set.

I want to try again at Nationals in a few weeks.






5 responses to “I got third

  1. john Avatar

    Solid–good job. I have the feeling that you get away with less practice than I’d expect from someone entering these types of competitions…can this be true? Don’t these guys spend 4 hours/day over the course of a year, or something?

  2. doc Avatar

    Sort of true, sort of not true.

    I don’t practice as much as most cats do for a contest and sometimes I do okay, but usually I don’t.

    Even when I practice my hardest, I’m not even close to scores of the Nations top 3 players.

    I think I work myself up about it too much. The best routines I did this weekend where the ones I worked on the least (read: not at all). That’s not because I’m naturally gifted or anything, it’s probably more because I didn’t psych myself out.

  3. JD DiGiovanni Avatar
    JD DiGiovanni

    Good luck man, I’m looking forward too seeing your nationals routine then!

  4. Jen Avatar

    Go DOC Go!

  5. Gary Avatar

    ppppsshhhh, you’re too modeest. i was there, and your freeystyle was still VERY good. but i do admit, i like your 5a more :).

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