Labor Day

Yesterday was keen. I had a custom order from my friend Isaac who works at 826 Valencia. On the weekends he works security at Zeitgiest, so I met up with a bunch of friends and dropped it off there. Isaac is an awesome dude, so I added the hidden embroidery as a surprise.

Here are some extra shots I snapped while we were there.

Today, Labor Day, was alright. I picked up 10 pairs of jeans from Self Edge and spent half the day working on those, and the other half working on new vegan wallets for my Etsy store. Fun fact, it takes me 15 minutes to hem a pair of jeans on average. That’s actually a little more time than I had hoped, but it makes sense. At least the work has been steady lately, I mean… damn Kiya sells a ton of jeans. I’ve been trying on a bunch of pairs at the shop lately, I guess I’ll be buying a new pair soon.

I gotta get up early on Tuesday morning to get my ass over to the Exploratorium. I’ll be doing an interview with the SF Chronicle about this weekends big yo-yo contest, the California State Yo-Yo Contest.






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