My eyePhone

I totally bought an iPhone. Don’t look at me like that, it’s not that outrageous a purchase, when you think about it.

I was thinking about a Blackberry with internet service added for $29 a month… That’s $377 a year! So it was actually cheaper to buy an iPhone. Not to mention the audio recording and playback features, great camera (2mega) and fantastic interface.

Let’s talk about the interface. I believe it’s extremely intuitive, in fact, I love handing to strangers and seeing how easily they can figure it out. Some of the things that I really hated at first, now make sense. For instance, you can’t open a new email and attach a photo, but you can open your photos and send it to any email and that’s way easier.

Here is my first photo I took on my iPhone and uploaded to flickr. It took less than a minute;

That’s my iPhone’s wall paper btw. Get it? Eyephone.

I had already had more than enough problems with my old Nokia phone, but I didn’t want to buy a new phone until I could get onto a new courier without some crazy $500 two year deposit. Now that I’ve finally got some credit built up, signing on to a new service was easy.

I do not plan on unlocking my phone. This baby is gonna remain stock. It’s first generation, and I’m fully aware of how all the bugs will get fixed with the next gen. So I’m simply planning on keeping this thing stock for 11 months, then trading it in under warranty and getting a newer phone.






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  1. irina slutsky Avatar

    how are we gonna record a song on that thing

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