Re-Thinking Kirby’s Thor

Inspired by Big Time Attic’s post on the “Re-Inking Kirby’s Thor” flickr group, the San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy decided to give it a go.

For the first attempt, 5 artists took a crack at inking over Jack Kirby’s penciled page in their own style.

Then, to take things a little further, several artists attempted to “Re-Draw” the same page based on Kirby and Lee’s notes and arts.

This was a fun experiment to work on as a group, I hope we try more like it.

Some of ya’ll may remember that I also inked my own Thor page.

As a quick reminder, the next meeting of the SFCC is this Thursday (September 13th).






2 responses to “Re-Thinking Kirby’s Thor

  1. Brian Avatar

    Thanks Doc. Good post.

    (On the Re-Inking page I did the second and last panel.)

  2. addisqus Avatar

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