Serendipity on the 9:40 Dublin/Pleasanton

Last night I had plans with Matt (aka Bomarr Monk) to trade one of my denim wallets for a copy of his new cd “Freedom From Frightened Air” and a collection of mini documentaries.

Well, for whatever reason, Matt couldn’t meet up last night so the whole thing didn’t happen.

Skip to this morning… I jumped on a BART train at 24th ST but it was packed, so I got off at 16th ST and waited a few minutes for the next downtown train.

As I boarded the train car and took a seat, the guy behind me said “Doc?”. It was Matt, on his way to work. He happened to have his CDs and I brought a few wallets, so we traded.

Of all the odd coincidences, not just sitting next to him on the second rain I boarded that morning, nut that he happened to have the CDs with him.






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