That Doc Pop is hot right now.

I did an interview with the Chronicle today, for their paper and online editions and also for their video blog. The guys from the paper were really cool, so I was really relaxed and “unfiltered” during the interview. So now I wonder if they’ll post the part where I said “all my friends are professional video bloggers, so I can’t imagine any of them having the balls to try and tell me I should get a real job” or maybe they’ll just focus on the part where I said Tommy Smothers was a total hack of a yo-yoer instead.If they do mention that, hopefully they’ll mention that I idolize his skills as a performer (plus I’m like totally a Smothers Brothers fanboy… “Curb Your Tongue, Knave” is comedy gold. GOLD!).

Anyways, the photographer shot some fantastic shots. During the shoot he stopped and went “Oh, yes. That’s totally the one!”. When we looked at the picture I thought “I’m going to be in the paper and I totally don’t look like a dork!”.

I really admire good photographers and journalists. I’ve done a bunch of these types of things and can really notice when I’m working with a pro. They have this casualness about them .






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  2. BRian Avatar

    I just saw your photo in the paper, very awesome.

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