Under where?

Check out this new wallet I got from Freckleface’s Etsy page. I don’t see it on her page anymore (it was her “Family Jewels Wallet”), but I really dig her Coinilingus coin purses.

The Family Jewels wallet is an awesome piece, and it only cost $15 bucks, but I don’t think I’d be able to actually use it as a wallet. I do think it’s gonna make a great business card holder.






3 responses to “Under where?

  1. freckleface Avatar

    Merci beaucoup! I appreciate you spreading the love!! Best of luck to you, let me know what you work out for your Portland trip…I’d love to checkout your wares in person.

    xo- Stephanie

  2. doc Avatar

    I like the shape given to the wallet when I keep your card (with the two pins) in the pocket.

    I assume that was unintentional.

  3. robtsou Avatar

    I totally thought that was the intended effect of the pins.

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