Back from the 2007 National Yo-Yo Contest

I’m back in SF from the 2007 National Yo-Yo Contest in Chico CA. I didn’t compete this year, which could explain why it was one of my favorite NYYCs in years. The freehand routines were great, as were most of the other divisions, but I honestly didn’t spend too much time watching the freestyles.

Aside from trying to squeeze as much time as possible hanging out with other players, I had a few new additions to my normal contest routine. On Saturday I was followed around by Alex, a documentary maker from Current TV who was covering the event. I interviewed movers and shakers in the yo-yo world and he’ll edit it all together for the show. I’ll keep you all in the loop when the show airs, I’m sure an online version will also appear.

Another project that kept me busy all weekend was trying my attempt at bringing our little yo-yo community a little closer to teh interwebs. After reading about Twitter’s newest project, I decided to encourage as many folks as possible to sign up and Tweet throughout the event. Unfortunately this turned out to be a terrible weekend for Twitter. I’m still trying to find out what exactly went wrong, but the tracking, SMS notifications, and the basic web based timelines were totally out of whack. I estimate 20-30 people signed up for Twitter, some followed me and I followed as many of them as I could, but we all had the track feature on. Unfortunately, less than %25 percent of those messages reached e who was trying to track them. It was a big mess, and the worst part is that I was working on an article for Greg Cohen’s new magazine about how the Twitter experiment went and now I’m shit out of luck.

What really bums me out is that I really pushed a lot of folks to try something new, but I what happened will keep them from trying anything like it again for a while.

I also continuously updated my flickr profile throughout the entire weekend with pictures and micro-blogs from iPhone. Please check out my 2007 Nationals photo set and leave me some comments. Below are a few of my favorites.

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  1. Amy Avatar

    Current TV! That’s huge. Thanks for the great photos and updates!

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