Case closed!

Thanks to a comment from the wonderfully astute Ben Yellin, the Case of the Mystery Heirloom is solved!

My friend Rachel will be glad to know that she is the proud owner of a collapsible candlestick… or at least the proud owner of most of a collapsible candlestick.

Within 24 hours of my original posting, Ben had not only solved the mystery but he also posted an entire Flickr set of his own Japanese Traveling Candlestick (that I believe was made by his grandfather). The joints are slightly different, but the items are undeniable the same design. He even included pictures of the original owners manual.

Be sure to check out the picture of the missing piece on his Flickr set. Thanks Ben for posting the pics, Ferry for the original candlestick suggestion and Shimone for submitting the link to BoingBoing.

BTW, a quick search on “traveling candlesticks” turned up this Star Wars-esque candlestick holder. It’s like the Death Star of David.






6 responses to “Case closed!

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  2. Josh Avatar

    Ha! It makes so much sense!

  3. Rachel Avatar

    Well I Never. Thanks Doc! Thanks Ben Yellin!

  4. kostia Avatar

    Just wanted to say thanks for these posts (especially the answer)! The Yellin candlestick on Flickr (with the wax catcher) really made me want one, so I started Googling. I figured things had come full circle when I read that Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, one of my favorite places in the world, is full of Yellin candlesticks and fireplace implements the family brought from their home in Philadelphia and their friendship with him. Oh, to be rich in the ’30s!

  5. Church Avatar

    I saw several blog posts about this, but I had no idea what it could be. When I heard it was solved, I clicked through and… it’s Doc Pop?! Too weird.

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