I spent most of the day creating a “Catavlog” for my Etsy crafts. I’d like to post it here, but I can’t without breaking the page. So please click here to view the craft vid.

It’s not stunning or anything, but I just wanted to demonstrate some of the different items I had.I wonder if I was the first person to use the term Catavlog, a combination of video blog and catalog? Google says no, but at least I’m the first to use it in this context.

In other news, I started a “TwitterWave” on my Twitter account. Within hours, Twitter had launched a site redesign. Obviously my TwitterWave must have shaken things up pretty seriously at Twitter HQ.

The National Yo-Yo Contest is this weekend and I’ll be there. I’ve partially decided to live blog the event, just like I did Kiya’s wedding. As with the wedding pictures, I’ll upload pictures onto to my flickr account and organize them when I get back home. I’m happy to be going to the event this year, but not super excited. First off, I’ll be missing a big craft and mini comics fest in SF (last year I missed the 24 Hour Comic Day due to Nationals). Secondly, many of my fave yoers aren’t coming out. Hanging with Seth or Dave or Schalicto has always been some of my favorite time at any yo-yo event. Poop on them for not coming.

I probably won’t watch the contest too closely (I’ll just watch the vids when I get home), but I am really excited about sharing some of my new moves and learning a few tricks. Also, can’t wait to see who gets the Trick Innovator Of the Year award. Drew comes to mind. Jesse Garcia is giving the award out this year… I hope he knows that.







2 responses to “Catavlog

  1. Drew Avatar

    Thanks, Doc. That’s probably the coolest yo-yo compliment I’ve ever received. (No kidding.)

  2. doc Avatar

    yeah Drew… It probably is.


    You’ve been productive this year. Keep up the good work.

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