Do the TwitterWave

This Wednesday I’m going to start a TwitterWave.

What’s Twitter? It’s a social network built around the question “What are you doing?”. Users post updates (usually via their cell phones or laptops) using 140 characters or less.

What is a Twitter Wave? Um, I’m not sure. I imagine it’s something like doing the wave at a concert… The wave starts on one side and rolls across to another. Maybe it’s more like a game of “telephone”. On Wednesday I’m going to “start the wave” and my hope is that most of my Twitter friends will “repost the wave”… If things go as planned, their friends will repost and send to their friends etc.

I’m not trying to start a chain mail, I’m really just testing the Twitter waters. Twatters? It’s an experiment to see how communication spreads on Twitter.

To make the Twitter Wave more interesting, I’d like to hear some suggestions from Twitter friends and fans of teh internets (model number two point oh). The message, or “wave”, should be really simple.. nobody is gonna wanna retype some big complex message via their cellphone.

Does anyone know if this has been done before? What would be a good way to track it?

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